About kennel

 First boxer came to our home on 2002 year. He was Boks Best Saiz Robert Redford.

On 2005 year we bring from Portugal one cute boxerbaby Xipituca von Bispus. Kennel was registered on 2007 year.

On 2008 born in our kennel first litter.

On 2009 year we got from Spain nice male puppy - Waldo del Tajo.

At the moment live in our kennel 6 boxers - Xipituca von Bispus, Waldo del Tajo,  Kreisid Admirable Brillante Diamante , Kreisid Clarus Luz Maria , Kreisid Clarus Cesar and Anastasia Black Dynasty. Anastasia is from Black Dynasty kennel, Romania.

kreisid kennel